Sunday, November 1, 2009

My mom's house

If you get a chance, take a drive by Mama's house. The terrible storm that swept through town in July, totalled out her roof, window screens and siding. She hired a company from Garden City to replace her roof and another company to hang her new siding. Both jobs are done now. To save her some money, our family decided to do her painting. She had already contracted her garage's painting to a local painter but we are doing the rest.

My baby sister, Lona Sue, drove up from Garden City on Saturday morning. Leighlyn, Abigayle and I met her at the house where we promptly put painting into motion. We painted all day. Lona Sue finished painting the front of the house. I still have to roll on at least one more coat on the back side and east side before all of the yellow paint will be finished. Then, we'll be ready to do the "white washin'".

Lori did what she does best--cooked for all of us!!!

Leif brought a couple of his friends over later in the afternoon to help in the yard. They hauled all of the old siding to the junkyard. Then, they went to work helping us with some major landscaping projects.

Mama's house actually looks like it just came alive! It's amazing what a new color will do on a house!!!


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