Friday, November 6, 2009

Wichita County Courthouse

I guess that many of us have always appreciated our courthouse here but I never realized just how spectacular it really is until I saw a picture of it in the background of other Main Street businesses. It is really a stand-out! I've been told that many years ago, many a person loaded up into the family truckster just to drive to Leoti and take a look at the newly built "castle'. I see why now.

Recently, two sitting areas have emerged on the courthouse grounds. The first one includes a bench with wagon wheel ends that Don and Carolyn Waldren built just for the building. It is definitely much more of a work of art than most benches. This year, another bench was set up in honor of Karla Ridder, who was much-loved by her co-workers at the courthouse and Wichita Countians as a whole. Bushes and other flowers have been planted around the benches.

During the past month, contractors have replaced the old windows with state of the art new windows. The old ones leaked alot of air and dust. The new ones will be much easier to clean also.

It would be nice to have an elevator as Scott County has added to their courthouse. Since the project would be very costly, a chair has been added that will take people from floor to floor if they cannot handle the steps.

Sometime, if you're in town, you ought to take a trip to the courthouse just to be marvelled by the architecture, etc. New buildings just don't have the architectural elements and history of our courthouse.


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