Friday, November 13, 2009

A Very HARDY "Thank You"!!!

We, the Blaus, want to extend a VERY hardy "thank you" to Dr. Doug and Penny Hillbig of Lakin and to Melodee Hoffer and Cyndy Fetty who have come together to form a foundation to help pet-owners with the costs of spaying/neutering, vaccines, worming meds, etc. Melodee and Cyndy have set up various fundraisers to raise the necessary money to aid in these costs. Our family took one dog in yesterday to be neutered, another dog of ours was spayed, both dogs plus our Chiggar Man and our two cats had rabies shots. The neutering cost was $20.00, the spaying was $25.00, the five rabies vaccinations were $75.00. What an amazing savings that was for us!

The two-day clinic allowed 30 plus dogs and cats to be neutered. Pet-owners who were responsible for having their pets fixed have not only bettered their own pets' health, but they have also done their part in lowering the amount of unwanted and unloved dogs and cats in our population. Today, there is a large amount of dogs and cats out there who have no one to care for them, no shelter and no fresh food and water on an everyday basis. These dogs and cats don't have much to look forward to in their lives.

As I understand it, the fundraisers will continue and the clinics will resume every 2 months at the Vet Clinic on the east side of Leoti. Originally, this was set up for Wichita County pets only. It has been changed. EVERYONE is welcome to bring their animals in regardless of where they live. Most of these pets had appointments for their healthcare at this clinic, however, some people chose to bring their pets in on a walk-in basis. None were turned away. It is a VERY good idea to have appointments set-up in the future though.

Personally, we had never had the occassion to meet Dr. Hilbig and his wife, Penny, until this clinic. What fine people they are!!! Not only do people really like and respect them but the pets like them too! Both of the Hilbigs treated each and every animal with great kindness and the utmost expert care. As for our family, we now have a new vet team for our pets who are much more like family to us than pets! We STRONGLY recommend them to anyone who has animals!!!

Dr. Hilbig has his own clinic in Lakin, Ks. which is around 45 miles south of Leoti. You can reach his clinic at 620-355-7807. You won't be sorry that you made your call to them!


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