Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It could happen HERE...

Today, I was told a story of a dreadful accident that happened in a bordering state. It could happen here just as easily as it did there.

Several years ago, the boys in Kansas government decided that there was not "enough" traffic in and out of Leoti to require an ordinary stoplight. Instead, our main intersection in town was reduced to having a very simple flashing red light. Some people probably appreciate it but others like me would prefer to have our old light back. I don't know how many times, I have seen people drive through the light without even attempting to stop. Lately, it seems to me that there are more and more near hits at that intersection primarily because people are paying less and less attention. Then, after we get used to just stopping at the light, looking both ways and then continuing down the highway, we unthininkly, do the same thing in other towns where an ordinary light is in place. In my opinion, these flashing stop lights cause alot of accidents.

A young man was driving with his younger brother in a small town like Leoti. Their town had just replaced their blinking light with a regular stoplight. The older brother had gotten accustomed to just stopping and then proceeding into traffic after stopping. The vehicle coming from the other direction had a green light. Unfortunately, the vehicle with the two brothers was struck by the other vehicle. The younger brother was killed.

I fear that this is not an isolated incident. A similar accident could just as easily happen here. So many times, we become creatures of habit and stop paying less attention than we should. I say BRING BACK AN ORDINARY EVERYDAY STOPLIGHT! I think that we may have to spend a little bit more time just sitting at the light but we'd probably be alot safer. What's your opinion on the matter???


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