Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dog/cat neutering and healthcare clinics in Wichita County

November's clinic for the neutering and healthcare of dogs and cats in Leoti was a smashing success! Originally, it was thought that the clinics would be held every two months. Instead, it has now been determinded that the clinics should be held EVERY month because of the overwhelming need here. It is NOT just for Wichita County pets!!! ANYONE can bring their pets to the Veterinary Clinic here in Leoti. Dr. Hillbig from Lakin and his assistent, his wife, will be performing these services.

I met the Hilbigs for the first time at the original clinic when our dogs, Brutus and Princess, were neutered and received their annual shots. I was totally amazed by the couple! Not only were they special people but they were superb with each and every animal that came through their doors. I TOTALLY recommend them to YOU!!!

The Foundation raises money through various open houses, fundraisers and donations. It then, provides the money to pay for 1/2 of the neutering costs per animal. The pet-owner then pays the other half of the surgery at the time of neutering. The cost of neutering a male is $20.00 and the cost to spay a female is $25.00. Regular shots are also available at the clinic.

At this time, I do not know when the next 2-day clinic will be held. As soon as I have that information, I will put it on my blog.


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