Monday, November 16, 2009

Update on our storm.

It was a beautiful snowy day yesterday! The snow was very heavy at times but tapered off drastically during the late afternoon. Wind blew so there was some drifting involved but nothing major as far as I am aware. I would stagger a guess that we probably ended up with around 6 inches here. It is so very wet which is always so welcome!

School has not been cancelled but buses are only running on mud routes. Stan told me that the highways are in excellent condition. He took his first load to Grant County, Ulysses. Down there, it looks like they had no snow at all. We heard from my uncle and aunt in Stanton County, Johnson, yesterday. They, too, had some nice wet snow.

Fortunately, the warm weather that we had for the past couple of weeks provided the perfect opportunity for local farmers to complete Fall Harvest. I have heard from some who finished theirs. Hopefully, all of them have now.

At 7:30, it is just 28 degrees outside. I am concerned that H1N1 WILL ONCE AGAIN REAR IT'S UGLY HEAD! The weekend before last, we visited with a local doctor. He told us that he had seen a considerable amount of H1N1 before the warm area arrived. Once it warmed up here, the cases plumetted to zero. He expected the flu to return as soon as cold air returned here. So, you better return to taking your precautions again. Defense is so very important with this virus.

Happy Monday!!!


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