Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado Drivers

Drivers need to be especially careful as they travel out here this time of year. Multiple auto accidents involving deer have been reported in the Wichita County area recently. This is the "romantic" time of the year for deer. Their heads aren't exactly tuned in to automobile traffic right now. In addition to their breeding, Fall Harvest continues which drives deer out of fields and onto roads and highways. People have been mentioning that herds of deer are congregating in the middle of roads and highways and are slow to get off of the road so BE PREPARED!!! Now, this next weekend, Pheasant Season begins. The rifle fire will scare deer also.

Don't forget to turn your headlights ON BEFORE DARK so that you are more intuned in what's going on around you!

It's always better to be SAFE THAN SORRY.


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