Monday, August 16, 2010

Busy Blau Business

Boy! What a weekend!!! We were busy practically non-stop. The good news is that we got alot of loose ends tied up.

School in Leoti starts tomorrow (Tuesday). We had already purchased new school clothes for the girls but befofre we bought anything else, we wanted to go through their closets to see what needed to be donated and trashed before we purchased anything else. In addition to this major undertaking, we also needed to take out Leighlyn's former closet completely as it is now the entryway from our bedroom into a VERY large walk-in closet and storage room for us. In our former closet, we had a closet organizer which Stan transplanted into their closet on Saturday. It is working well! Anyway, after their clothes disection was completed, we ended up with SEVERAL bags of clothes thatwill be donated to our thrift shop in Leoti tomorrow. Of course, if I discovered any holes or small stains on them, they made their way into the dumpster very quickly! Now we know exactly what other items need to be purchased for school, etc. We were even able to take jeans out of their drawers and put them on their closet shelves that they did not have a week ago. Abigayle is taking one of her newfound empty drawers and converting it into a new storage home for her MANY Barbie dolls, clothes, etc. Folks, if you are currently dealing with a closet that basically just houses a clothes rod or two, I recommend that you check into an organizer. You can spend just a few dollars for one like we bought at Wal-Mart a few years ago or you can move steadily up the hill until you purchase one from closet professionals who will set up your closet just as you want it. Of course, in that case, you have to be willing to pay out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to do that. In any case, you will be able to store a great many more items--comfortably--in your existing closet.

Yesterday afternoon, Stan transplanted the large mirror off of our bedroom wall that was getting ready to be demolished into our main bathroom. He will eventually be trimming it out wth wood and decorative rosettes as he did several years ago to the other cabinets and window trimming when he gutted the room and totally re-did it the way that we wanted it including placing the sink and soaking tub in different locations than before.

After that, he knocked down the wall that seperates our bedroom from the new closet. Whoa!!! What a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to tell you that the project is completed but I cannot. He still needs to hang another clothes rod that will be about 12 feet long. He hopes to do that this week in the evenings. Next weekend, he plans on removing the door from the new closet that goes into the hallway and replacing it with a new wall.

Anyway, we made great progress during the past couple of days.


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