Monday, August 30, 2010

YAY for the Wichita County Sheriff's Department!!!!!!!!!!!!

The school bus came too early for our little angel this morning. As soon as she was ready for school, I gave her a ride. That allowed me to witness something that made me extremely proud of our Sheriff!

At approximately 8:00, Abigayle and I were driving eastward on the street between Mel's Foodliner and the museum. Of course, as I drove I was looking towards the east. Seemingly out of nowhere, a little pick-up plunged from the alley just to the west of Hi Plains Motel and actually ended up on the sidewalk of the school just to the south of the office doors.

In recent years, a portion of the curb was removed just to the south of the grade school's office. So now, the surface is smooth from the street to the office doors. It allows handicapped people to exit their vehicles and proceed into the school without the difficulty of getting over the curb. Ordinarily, a mishap such as this would not have been a problem. The driver of this pick-up realized that he had cut his turn a little long. He slammed on his brakes approximately 10 feet from the front door before shifting his vehicle into reverse. Once back on the street, he headed westwardly.

Sheriff Randy Keeton had just turned on to this street from a block away when this idiot pulled this stunt that could have been fatal had someone been on this sidewalk at the time. Immediately, Randy's lights went on to pull this man over. No go or should I say, No stop? The driver drove for almost 3 blocks before he parked his vehicle behind a business on Main Street.

I am proud of Randy for seeing this maneuver and doing something about it! Most parents drop their kids off in front of the gym doors now because the students are to congregate every morning with their classmates in the gym before the teachers lead them to their classrooms. However, there is still a good amount of parents who let them off at the office doors. All of the school buses unload where this maniac drove up onto the sidewalk.

Thank You, God, for protecting our children this morning!!!


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