Sunday, August 22, 2010

I HAD a Complaint

Last night, I posted my comments on the loud music that was floating around town. If you read my post, you know that I was irritated about the situation and reported the music whom I BELIEVED was being put out there by someone in my neighborhood. What you do NOT know is the fact that I was in a GREAT deal of pain for most of the day and all evening. If Stan dropped a nail on the floor, I am sure that added noise would have made me feel even worse than I already did.

Today, I received a phone call from Todd Porter who is a owner of the Beer Barn. We had a very civil conversation. At this time, I want to pass his information on to all of you.

First of all, he told me that when he began considering having a concert in Leoti, he went to the Sheriff, the Mayor and various other people in town. He told them that he wanted to do something for the county by bringing in some entertainment for anyone who was interested. Todd would NOT do it if these people were not in favor of it. These people saw nothing wrong with it. (I am definitely NOT against someone doing this either. I've mentioned here before that I am very impressed with the people of Greeley County who go out of their way to provide the best life possible to the town's people.)

Todd explained to me that he wanted to provide some entertainment for anyone and everyone who was interested. They had a very good crowd of people and alot of fun was had by all. I told Todd that I didn't know who the band was who was performing but that I was impressed with their talent. He told me that he had heard the same thing from many of the concert-goers.

Though at the time, I was angered at the volume of the music, I was VERY impressed at a step that the Porters took that I feel was over the top of what they needed to do. They actually had publicized that FREE transportation would be provided to anyone who wanted to come to the concert and then the same transporters would deliver them back to their home. Kudos, Porters!!! That was fantastic!!! Many people were given rides there who would not have been able to be there otherwise. Todd told me that even elderly people were able to be there.

Todd was understandably upset with me for my post. He pointed out something that I had written that was false. I had been told by the Sheriff's Office that the concert would last just until 2:00 a.m. In fact, the concert ended before then. I should have known that considering the fact that liquor cannot be sold after midnight.

Yesterday was not a good day for me. Mid morning, I was pelted with extremely painful muscle spasms that were caused by the rheumatoid arthritis that I have in my back. I immediately went to my medicine cabinet to pull out my handy dandy prescription muscle spasm relaxers and some prescription pain killers. When I have this problem, those are the two things that I reach for first. They normally take care of the problem little by little. Occassionally, they are not enough. At that time, I require shots at the hospital.

Yesterday, I discovered that my bottles of these medications had totally disappeared from view. I was out-of-luck. There was no way that I was going to go to the hospital and force medical personnel to leave their homes just so that I could get new prescriptions. Instead, I popped Tylenol like red hots. Later in the day, we made a special trip to Garden City to pick up some air filters and school supplies, etc. I was extremely thankful that both Home Depot and Wal-Mart provide motorized scooters for people like me who cannot walk through their stores on their own power. By the time that we got home yesterday evening, I was still miserable. I am happy to say that when I woke up this morning, my back was still tender but the sharp pains were, for the most part, gone.

If I had my prior post to write all over again, I would. Today, I feel much better. If the music filled the airwaves now, I would not have been nearly as upset. It is like I told Todd a few minutes ago, I have become extremely sensitive when it comes to music. In our neighborhood, we put up with extremely loud music day in and day out. And, yes, I do turn my neighbors into the S. O. some of the time. So, when the music was filtered into the house, I assumed that someone in our neighborhood was responsible for it.

I have told Todd that I think that it is great that they are bringing entertainment in to town for people of all ages. I did ask him if they could just turn the volume down a bit.


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