Saturday, August 28, 2010

GAP and John and Leslie Niswonger

This morning, Saturday, at 8:00, a large load of GAP members whose ages range from 6th-12th grade, loaded up on a privately-owned bus and headed north to the home of John, Leslie and Dylan Niswonger which is somewhere on the other side of Earth. LOL!!! In actuality, they live in Southern Logan County. The Niswongers have erected a paint ball shooting gallery on some of their pasture land for their family and friends. A couple of weeks ago, Dylan celebrated his birthday with many of his friends there. Everyone just had a blast! The Niswongers are wonderful hosts!!!

Since then, Mr. Kevin Larson who is the youth minister at Leoti's Christ Covenant Church and the FANTASTIC director of Leoti's GAP, made arrangements with the Niswongers to take all interested members to their pasture for more fun and games. The kids just couldn't wait to get started! Our family wants to thank the Niswongers for their very kind generosity and Kevin Larson and GAP for making this a reality! The kids will return to Leoti at noon.



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