Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lori--Sunday Morning

Lori continues to be a patient at Hays Medical Center, She continues not to feel good which is quite difficult to take since she wants to get home to her family as soon as possible. Her blood thinning is still not where it needs to be. As of yesterday, it still was not to the half-way point of where it needs to be to rid her body of the blood clots. She is now battling depression which I think that all of us can understand very easily. Most of us do not get any big bang out of staying in hospitals. Lori has received excellent care and is VERY impressed with her doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc. She could not be any happier with the care that she has received. Still, she is almost 3 hours away from home and cannot see her friends and family as she normally can.

We are SOOOOOOOOOOO happy that Ron and Pam Blau live in Hays. They make as many trips as possible to visit Lori. It has been wonderful for all of them! When Ron and Pam lived in Leoti, they shared a very good relationship with Lori. Now, they have gotten to renew that friendship. This next Saturday, September 4th, is Ron and Pam's son, Josh's, wedding in Hays. Alll of us are looking forward to attending the wedding. We are hoping that Lori is out of the hospital so that she can join us there for all of the festivities.

Please continue to pray for Lori and us!

Thank you!!!


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