Sunday, August 29, 2010


We were just watching the TV show MAN VERSUS FOOD. It is a show that spotlights various foods throughout the world. A great deal of humor is also sprinkled in along the way. In tonight's episode, Adam, the show's host, went to Oklahoma City to a cafe where onion-y hamburgers are the way to go. The owners of the cafe do not use spatulas to turn over their hamburger patties. Instead, they buy brick mortar spatulas that are used for applying fresh mortar between bricks. Of course, the ones that they use have never been used for their intended purpose. These spatulas are considerably wider and longer than most everyday spatulas. They are also very firm so that the chef has more control over his hamburger patty when he is "smashing" it down.

Anyway, you take a ball of hamburger that is approximately 1/3 of a pound. Roll it in your hand until it is a ball. Then lay it out on your hot grill. Immediately smash it with the spatula. Allow to fry on that side for a few seconds. Flip to the other side. Now, you are ready for a handful of raw shredded onions. Smother the hamburger patty with these onions. Again, smash the onions into your patty with your mortar tool. In just a few minutes, flip to the original side. Allow your onion-burger to cook until it is done to your liking.

Place your onion-burger onto the bottom of your hamburger bun. Add any condiments that you desire, catsup, mustard, pickles, mayo... Top it off with the top bun.

Now, THAT'S an onion burger. Mmm,mmm good!!!


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