Saturday, August 28, 2010


According to Kansas law, farm equipment has the right-of-way on roads and highways. For the most part, I understand that. I do, however, find it disgusting when these over-sized vehicles proceed down the middle of the roadways and do not allow other vehicles to pass them. I am not alone. Other people have also told me that that is aggravating.

Today, my girls and I went to the Seaboard Mill to do my cleaning. While we were finishing up, Stan got back to town after delivering his last load of feed. We all left the mill's parking lot at the same time. Meanwhile, someone driving a very new John Deere combine left Hwy 96 and turned on to the road headed North. As soon as he had completed his turn, he saw our two vehicles coming towards him. Instead of all but running us off of the road as many other people would have done, he pulled off of the road and entered the ESE Alcohol Plant property and remained there motionlessly until we had passed him and went on towards the highway. As soon as we were safely off the road, he moved his combine back on to the road and proceeded towards the north.

I wish that I could tell you his name here but neither Stan nor I were able to get a good look at him. We would like to let him and the others like him know that these acts do not go unnoticed. We greatly appreciate these gestures!


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