Monday, August 9, 2010

You just have got to try out Freddies!!!

While we spent several days in Hays last week, our family ate most of our meals at a place called Freddies. It was grr-eat!!! They serve the best steakburgers, hot dogs and chili dogs around! Their fries are different and better than most. IF you think that your tummy needs more food, try their ice cream which is really ice custard---so very rich and delicious! Try it plain or in a sundae, etc. To top everything off, the food is priced very fairly.

To my knowledge the other towns in Kansas to have been blessed with these drive-ins are Wichita, Pittsburg and Hays. I think that the fourth location is in Salina.

Happy eating!!!



  1. Manhattan also. Not that impressed with the price per volume, but that is just me.

  2. I am sorry that you were not as impressed as we were. Last week, we fed 6 people in the Hays location for just over $26.00. We walked away feeling bloated. LOL!!! Maybe it depends on the location just how much food is put in your basket.

    Thank you for the comment!!!



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