Friday, August 13, 2010

Good News on Our A/C Problems!!!!!!

A new Heat/AC company came over yesterday afternoon. Two men from a company based in Garden City were here and really looked everything over well. They had the OPPORTUNITY to feel what we were talking about themselves. It was 100 outside and almost 90 inside.

They said that our A/C unit is working well and is big enough for our house. So then, what is the problem??? When they came into our dining room where the air breather is, they immediately knew that it was way too small. They will order the grate for the appropriate sized vent. Stan has offered to open up the vent himself so that will save us some money. (It is GREAT to have a husband who can do practically everything!!!)

Stan also mentioned to them that a great deal of cold air is being lost because of leaks around the ducts that come into the house. They are going to get Stan some sleeves to place inside each duct which should alleviate that issue. That should help to cut our winter's gas bill also. The heat will not be going under the house anymore.

We certainly appreciate the knowledge of these men!!!

Bottom line, it looks like our problems should become obsolete very soon. Thanks to the Good Lord!!! About an hour before the representative from the company called me, I had just spoken to God and had asked him for help with this issue. Though I have tremendous faith in Him, I was still totally shocked when I received the phone call. You see, this company had been recommended to me months ago when our problems began. Of course, I called them at that time but they were already behind on some major commercial jobs that they were already working. Simply said, God IS listening to us whenever we come to Him in prayer...



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