Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Part of the furniture is moved.

Stan was not in the least bit impressed with the idea of having to take the window out of our bedroom to get the furniture switched from one bedroom into the other. For awhile we tried to get the furniture from the hallway into our bedroom. We had the same results then as I had had yesterday afternoon--no go. However, Stan had not yet taken out the door from our third bedroom which is now the master bedroom's closet. So we took down the door and the trimwork around the doorway. We needed to do that anyway since Stan will be walling over the doorway. It worked just great! With the extra width in the doorway, things moved along much more smoothly!

We succeeded in getting our dresser and chest of drawers into their bedroom and their dresser and chest of drawers into our bedroom. Tonight, Stan will tear apart the beds and switch them around. He says that that will be MUCH easier than last's night ordeal.



  1. Lynn doesn't the things that seem to be easy turn into a major job. We are getting ready to more on our house and was moving the hot water heater to its new spot and it took all day which didn't seem to be a major job when we first started.
    We are praying for Lori and your family. Carolyn

  2. I know exactly what you mean! With Lori being so ill, I have just got to find something to keep my body and mind occupied. I decided to tear down both sets of headboard and footboards so that I can set everything back up before Stan gets home. And, of course, I have had all kinds of difficulties with that also. LOL!!!

    Carolyn, thank you sooooooooo very much for your prayers!!! They are drastically needed.



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