Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Skirt??? Dress??? Maybe not...

Today must have been a Lynn Elder-Blau day. It started off being a little less than great but became even worse as the day progressed.

I needed to drive Lori and Lars to Garden City today for medical purposes. I decided to wear one of my new skirts. Given the fact that I am FAT and am not able to sit lady-like, I choose to wear very long dresses and skirts. This was one of those.

While I was at Wal-Mart, I decided to go to the ladies room before I left the store. As always, I elected to use the handicapped bathroom stall. Before I left the stall, I straightened my skirt and blouse then I proceeded out to the area to wash my hands. I heard someone walking behind me. When I turned to exchange pleasantries, I noticed that she appeared to be a little less than impressed with me for some reason. Immediately, I began thinking that I must have done something wrong. Hmmm. I was right. As much as I detested the idea, I had actually tucked my slip AND my skirt in the back of my panties. Everything was tucked in and made a not so neat bump on my lower back.

While I am falling all over myself to yank everything down where it belonged, I looked into the eyes of the woman behind me. Yep. No doubt about it, she was anything BUT impressed with me. Oh, well. I wasn't all that impressed with her in our minute-long relationship either...


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  1. What a day I needed a good chuckle. I have done that. Youre not alone.


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