Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I just had a WONDERFUL birthday weekend!!! The five of us, Mama, Stan, Leighlyn, Abigayle and I left Leoti at about 5:00 on Saturday morning for Colorado Springs and did not return home until 8:30 last night. We had a grand time! Earlier I had mentioned that we would be attending the coffin races in Manitou Springs which is at the very outer western edge of Colorado Springs. We arrived in plenty of time but still did not get to see the races. There is very limited parking in that area. Those spaces were already filled so we had to park the van on a mountain slope. Going down the slope was very easy. Remaining up on both feet was not. LOL!!! Once we made it to the sidewalk that follows the main street in Manitou, we joined MANY other people as they walked towards the area where the parade and coffin races would have been held. What we did not realize was that we would have to walk about 1 1/2 miles to get there. We gave it a good college try but gave up after a half a mile. Mama's knees were not up to this marathon walk and because of my heart problem, I had difficulty breathing as we climbed the mountain. We encouraged Stan and the girls to plunge on westward but they were not interested if we could not go with them. We felt bad about it. All of us found a bench to sit on for awhile as we watched the multitudes of people walk to the races. Being avid people watchers, we enjoyed seeing and visiting with some of the people who were in Halloween costumes, etc. What is it with all of the costumes that portray dead brides and grooms??? We saw a WHOLE BUNCH of them as they made progress westward.

You may be wondering why any community would have coffin races. This is actually a historic event. Many years ago, a woman had died and was buried on a mountain outside of Manitou Springs. A flood took place and swept her coffin out of its grave and took it right on down the streets of Manitou with the raging water. At some time later, it was decided to make a tradition of coffin races. We were able to watch some of the coffins as they were taken to the parade. Most were old and on wheels of some kind. Some were decorated like silver bullets. Others were painted pink and purple with polka dots. People were quite creative. The coffins were all taken to a high point where their riders boarded them and waited for the signal to head downwards. Many people take in this event every October.

Though we did not get to see the races, we still had a wonderful time. We went to the picturesque Garden of the Gods. As always, its beauty was breathtaking. Though it was very chilly, we got out of the van so that we could take a better look. The girls did some climbing on the gorgeous red rocks. Stan took pictures of them. We had not bought the girls' winter coats yet. While we were in the Springs, we bought these for them and some dandy boots. Both girls still needed some new clothes so we picked them up also. It seemed like we spent a good portion of our time EATING!!! My family made sure that they informed each restaurant that this was my birthday. Ugghh... Groups of employees made their way to our table to serenade me with various versions of the Happy Birthday song. LOL!!! Each time, some rich dessert was delivered to me. Of course, I shared it with everyone at our table.

So anyway, I have reached my half-of-a-century mark. I am looking forward to making it to the full century mark in another 50 years. I want to thank each and every one of you who delighted me with your birthday wishes. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!


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