Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An amusing conversation.

I took Abigayle out of school this morning at 10:00 to go to an appointment in Scott City. I picked my mother up at the school at the same time because she was going with us. As my mom and I were waiting for Abigayle outside of her classroom, Mama and I enjoyed looking at the students' artwork hanging on the wall. The students were to draw a picture of their family. Abigayle drew her Daddy with HUGE muscles, her sissy, Leighlyn, and her Mommy in a long pink dress. Of course, I thought that it was the best artwork ever produced by a seven-year-old.

Later, my mom and I were telling my sister, Lori (Riri as her nephew and nieces affectionately call her) about the artwork. If you are not familiar with Lori and me, you probably are not aware of the fact that we are a bit on the heavy side. Whoa! That's an understatement! We are ROBUST!

Jokingly, Riri asked Abi why she hadn't drawn a picture of Riri on the poster. Well, get ready for this one. As the old saying goes "out of the mouths of babes..." Very seriously, Abi explains to Riri that the poster paper wasn't "big enough" to draw Riri on it. Oh, my goodness! Nonny, Riri and I laughed and laughed and laughed at Abigayle's latest... Someday, we'll be able to write a book on Abigayle's funnies.


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