Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another JOY of being FAT

This morning, I got a call from the grade school secretary,Bev, notifying me that my little princess, Abigayle, had gotten to school without her glasses. It didn't take me long to find them on our foyer table. I rushed them to school. Once I got there, I discovered several strangers walking around the exterior of the school as well as inside the school. At first, I was concerned when I saw the first two strangers. Thankfully, I found two more strangers visiting with the principal, Dawn Haverfield-McKinney. Whew!!! That was a MAJOR relief to me!!! I believe that they are architects, etc who have come to town to begin the building of our new school. Given the fact that each of them has tape measures attached to themselves, was another good clue!

Now onto my joy!!!

Abigayle is not to wear her glasses all of the time just for doing schoolwork. Therefore, we needed to buy her a case to hold the glasses when she is not doing schoolwork such as during recess, lunch, etc. Abigayle found a totally precious Hannah Montana glass case. It looks like a tiny little purse and has short little carrying "purse" straps. Abi looks so cute carrying it from place to place! However, her mommy doesn't look nearly as cute carrying it around.

You should've seen the looks that this elephant of a woman got as she carried this itty-bitty "purse" through the hallways of RBSES!!!

Oh, mercy!!! Just one more happy moment not being a skinny-minny! How good can life get??? Ha! Ha!


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