Monday, September 14, 2009

Important news for dog/cat owners in Wichita County

Wichita County as well as practically every other location in the United States has an over-abundance of unwanted and unloved dogs and cats. It is just heartbreaking! Though we can't fix the world's problem with this, we CAN FIX our own pets! On Saturday, November 14th, a project will be conducted in Leoti to spay/neuter dogs and cats here. At this time, the location for this has not been disclosed but I assure you that I will update you on that location. I THINK that this is only available to Wichita Countians but I could be wrong on that so PLEASE call Cindy Brooks-Fetty at 620-214-3154 or Melodee Hoffer at 620-872-1430 to answer any of your questions.

Dr. White, a veterinarian from Wichita, has graciously accepted the opportunity to be the doctor who will perform these operations in Leoti. When you bring your pet(s) in, please thank him/her for this massive undertaking! As I understand, each family can bring in 1 or 2 pets from each household to be fixed. Again, I ask that you call Cindy or Melodee to answer your questions.

This Community Care Project is NOT affiliated with any other organization!

Spaying will cost $25.00 for females and neutering will cost $20.00 for males. That is a major reduction over what is usually charged for these services. I have also heard that vaccinations, also at lowered costs, may be offered. Cindy and Melodee should be able to get these answers for you also.

To help with the costs of all of this, Brandee Hahn is holding a SCENTSY, wickless candle company, event. More information on all of that follows this entry.

Thank you!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the information i have 2 dogs and 3 cats that need done... I rescued the 3 cats one we found in an air conditioner, someone actually took the time to open the top of the ac put it in and screw the lid back on.. One i rescued from behind dj's last winter in an old van, and the other was from dollar generals parking lot... All these cats were a total mess, they were skinny had flees it was a mess.. they have there shots, been defleed and are very healthy. it will be a blessing to get them fixed. thanks again lynn if there is anything i can help do to raise money please let me know.. Jeanette Tucke-Miller

  2. CORRECTION - it is my understanding that there will NOT be yearly vaccinations done at this time, but that they may be (hopefully) doing RABIES shots at the time of the clinic.

    the city will also be available to tag your pets at the time of the clinic. the tags will cover the rest of 2009 and all of 2010.

    also, anyone wishing to help raise money for the event should contact melodee hoffer or cindy fetty. any and all assistance to defray the costs of dr. white's time and trouble will be much appreciated.


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