Friday, September 18, 2009

Dennis and Susan Elder--09/18/09

Arizona is still experiencing triple degree weather. Dennis and Susan are understandably envying our cool weather here! Susan takes the dogs on walks early in the morning before it heats up too quickly. Dennis and Susan are loving their time together.

PLEASE send more email, cards, letters, etc. to Dennis. If you have his cellphone number, please call him. His spirits are low at this time. He is not feeling as well as they had expected him to at this time. The pain still comes and goes but his proper breathing is not s good as it was in the hospital. Susan is calling the doctor today to get a chest x-ray scheduled so that they can see what the problem might be.

His eating is getting better. It is still slow but Susan is loving getting to see Dennis enjoying some of his favorites again! Personally, I think that that is a good sign.

Susan is asking for extra prayers at this time.

I have posted their email and mailing addresses in a previous update on them.

Thank you!


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