Friday, September 18, 2009

Dogs under attack...

Today, Friday, September 18th, our family of four went on a splendid day trip. I am planning to write more entries about places and more importantly, the special people whom we had the honor to meet and spend time with along our journey. So right now, I will just give you the overview of our trip. We went from Leoti to Scott City and spent some time there. Then we headed north to Keystone Gallery, on to Oakley to the Fick Museum, then onward to Colby, down to Russell Springs and finally, back home again.

We stopped off at Don's Drive-In in Oakley for some very tasty pickle-os. They were delicious but not quite as good as Leoti's beloved A & W's Dill Slices. The difference??? The Oakley's delicasies were made with something like Tempura. They were wonderful but I still prefer Jack and Lois' dill slices! I think that their pickle slices were dipped in pancake batter before being deep-fried. MMM, Good!!!

Anyway, we were very fortunate to not have brought any of our four-legged family members with us today. If we had, we would not have been allowed to order our pickel-os. As soon as we parked our Venture between the two "automatic car hops", we were greeted by a HUGE sign. It read as follows:


PLEASE leave your dogs at home when you come to Don's Drive-In Cafe, due to liability and safety of our employees. Most dogs are not dangerous but it is the few that are that makes it necessary for us to BAN ALL DOGS. Dogs can smell the food and gets excited not knowing it is not for them, as it goes on by!

I printed this information word for word and with the same punctuation that the original sign has. We just got such a kick out of this that I had to make a copy of it to post here. So, if you're hankering for a good ol' pickle-o, leave your best friend, Rover, home or else you will not be served at Don's. Ha! Ha!

Here was a cute little note that was attached to the front of the menu boards that are posted at each "automatic car-hop":


Due to the higher cost of food--10-50% and the backlog to get new menus, we are adding a 9.7% charge on your final bill.

Um, be prepared to pay more that you bargained for when the order is delivered to your vehicle. LOL!!!


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