Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ron Blau--Update on 09/05/09

Stan, Leighlyn, Abigayle and I traveled to Hays to visit with Ron, Pam, Josh and Chelsee today. We really enjoyed our time together!

Currently, Ron is unable to return to work. He is still weak but is getting better little by little. Pam, had double knee replacements done this year also. Her knees are healing better now but neither, Pam or Ron, is as well as they would like to be. Fortunately, Josh and Chelsee are both working and attending college in Hays so they are able to help out tremendously.

Ron has changed his mind about the chemo and radiation. He has decided that he WILL do both. Fortunately, he can take his chemo via pill now. Most people are not having the nausea and other related side effects from the older chemo. Fortunately, much research has been done to conquer cancer over the years. I believe that with every passing day, we are much closer to the cure.

Daddy passed away on April 29, 1995 from lung cancer that spread to his brain, and then to his liver and went throughout his whole body. Because of his decision to donate his body to the KU Medical Center for cancer research and for the many other people who have chosen to do that, many other lives will be spared. His brother, Lewis, donated his body approximately a year earlier for the same reason and also at KU. They did their part to help keep other people and their family and friends from having to go through this horrible disease.

Since then, Stan's parents donated their bodies to KU. Neither of them had cancer so their bodies could be used for research for things such as diabetes, etc., etc. Personally, I suffer from two diseases that are incurable at this time--Tachasus and Giant Cell Arteritis. (The spelling may be incorrect.) Between the two of them, aneurisyms are formed which if not detected and removed immediately, will cause certain death. That is why I now have a mechanical heart valve. It is because of the donation of bodies that research has come that far to construct mechanical heart valves or to use animal valves. Consequently, I have signed paperwork for my body to be donated. I wholeheartedly advise others to do the same thing.

Anyway, I apologize for getting off of the subject of Ron. I just wanted to show you that doctors now have more capability than ever to save many more lives. Most importantly, God guides the hands and tools of doctors to help Him produce miracles. Please, continue to keep Ron and his family in your prayers as Ron will hopefully begin radiation and his chemo next week.

They would LOVE to hear from you!!! Here is their address:

Ron and Pam Blau
2816 Grant
Hays, Ks.

In God we trust,


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