Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Helen Smades--Happy News

Today, 09/09/09/, is full of wonderful news! Helen Smades is celebrating her 96th birthday!!! Happy Birthday, Helen!!! Can you imagine everything that Helen has witnessed first-handedly in her lifetime? Amazing! Also, can you imagine all of the people whom she has touched in one way or another along her journey? Helen, Mrs. Smades, was a school teacher for MANY years. Even though she retired from that a day or two ago, people still remember her as being one of their very favorite teachers. That says a lot for her! Even people who did not like school, loved Mrs. Smades!!!

My family was very fortunate to have had her as a dear neighbor. We all looked forward to her next visit! Actually, to my sisters, Lori and Lona Sue, and myself, she was more like a grandmother to us. What a wonderful role model she has been to so very many people!!!

Helen now lives in the nursing home in Leoti. She would LOVE to hear from each and every one of you! I would love to see everyone send her a card and write down at least one special moment that you shared with her. It would mean sooo very much to her and to her family!!! I'd also like to take this time to do abit of preaching. Time after time, I see people gather in churches to say their final good-byes to loved ones. Time after time, I hear people mention how much they regret not telling that person just how much they loved and appreciated him/her. Unfortunately, I carry that same guilt with me. I'm trying to change all of that now. Anyway, those things should be said NOW before it is too late for these loved ones.

Some say that greeting cards are just ridiculously priced. If you'll go to such stores as dollar stores, you'll find that you can pick one up for a whopping 50 cents or a dollar. Can't we all afford that when it will go so far to make someone else so happy???

Please send your cards, letters, flowers or plants to Helen at the following address:

Helen Smades
c/o Golden Acres Nursing Home
211 East Earl Street
Leoti, Ks.

As always, I whole-heartedly recommend the Lady Bug at 620-375-2172. Tell them how much you can afford to spend and they'll do up something beautiful for you! They also accept Mastercard and Visa, checks and I think, even CASH.

Its never too late to receive a card or gift so even if your love cannot reach her today, it can get to her in the next few days.

Have a glorious day!


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