Saturday, September 19, 2009


People here in Western Kansas are talking about the various "signs" that have been noticed here. Many believe that these signs are pointing to the kind of weather that we should expect this Winter of 2009-2010.

Here are some of those such signs:

1. large fuzzy BLACK caterpillars--People are noticing them all over the highways as they drive.
2. an abundance of beetles, bees, rolly-pollies, RATTLESNAKES A lady whom we met at Oakley's Fick Fossil Museum today, told us that some of her family members have been plagued with rattlesnakes this summer. She has had to kill two so far that were in her basement window wells. Ugh...!!! A couple of them were extra "fat." So after they were dead, she sliced them open to see what was causing their extra bulk. Instead of finding eggs or babies, she found nothing but FAT. This was a first for her. Truckdrivers and other people who spend alot of time on the road have also commented on the larger amount of snakes this year.
3. Extra leafy trees and bushes.
4. Extra fur on outdoor animals such as cattle, horses and buffalo.

My mother who is a teacher is keeping a diary of these signs. The "old timers" in this area are predicting a long, cold and snowy winter. (Personally, I hope that they are right!!!) My husband, Stan, drives trucks for Seaboard Foods. He will be carrying extra clothes, blankets, food, books with him in his truck just in case.

If you have noticed anything, please let me know. I find this to be very interesting.


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