Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dennis Elder--09-23-09

Dennis is still having severe pain at times. He's not up to eating 3 meals plus snacks a day yet but he is getting the nutrition that he needs, He is having to be on very little oxygen now.

Dennis' 57th birthday is on September 30th. I'd LOVE it if we could all honor him with a birthday card shower. Please send your cards to this new address:

Dennis and Susan Elder
28078 N. AZ Hwy 188 #F
Roosevelt, AZ

He has doctor's appointments today and on September 28th. Hopefully, they will be leaving for their lakeside home right after Monday's appointment!

They want to thank everyone for their love and support through various acts of kindness, email, cards, calls, texts and the prayers sent up each and every day. By the way, they received some of the re-mailed cards and letters yesterday.


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