Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dennis Elder--September 30th, 2009

Dennis had horrible pain over last weekend. It was difficult to get any sleep. Since then, he met with his doctor who changed some medicines including those to fight pain.

They got to move back home to their lakehouse in Arizona yesterday! Wonderful news!

Susan is happy to report that their spirits are high, Dennis is now eating well again. The temperature there has now dropped to 90 degrees. Brrr... That's alot better than the triple degree temps.

We need to pray that Dennis' nightly horrible coughing ends soon.

They ARE receiving their cards, letters, etc. at their home now.

Other great news is that their niece, Lacy, and her husband, Pete, received their first bundle of joy yesterday! (Lacy is Jim and Deandra Gietlien's daughter and is Aunt Thelma Elder's first grandchild.) He has been named Cohen.

Thank you!


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