Friday, September 11, 2009

Picket? Anyone?

Everyone has their own opinion on our Prsident Obama's health care plan. I agree that something has to be done so that healthcare is affordable but I simply do not believe that part of his plan is right on. For instance, do you know that the makers of the plan actually expect people with certain health problems at a certain age, just "step aside" so that younger people with the same ailment can receive the medical care that is needed??? You're 70 years old. We assume but don't really care, that you have had a good life. There are younger people who still have alot to give to society so we are asking you to go into your own little world and DIE!!! To hurry such things along, the government would then give you a packet on what suicide methods work the best and in a shorter amount of time!!! The directions for each method would then be given. I just can't believe this!!!!!!!!! Where are our morals in all of this?????????

Personally, I have a mechanical heart valve. I have Tacyasus, Giant Cell Arteritis, Hypo-Thyroidism, Rheumatism, Bi-Polar Disorder, I have very unusual brain seizures as a result of my Tacyasus. Because of it and the Giant Cell Arteritis, my body produces aneurisms. Mercy me! I have MANY defects! Oh, and did I mention that I am overweight? All of those things make me into one of those people whom the government would not want to help. Plus, the Elder genes in my family have caused ALOT of cancer to my relatives. I imagine that those people wouldn't be too welcome as a candidate for Obama's Healthcare Plan.

So, you're healthy? Great! So now, you think because you have no health concerns, life will be wonderful when we have state-provided health care? Guess again. Other nations have already implemented programs such as this. When the people do become ill which requires some form of treatment, they call their handy dandy clinic or hospital and are basically put on hold. There is no ample amount of doctors and other medical professionals so you are forced to stand in line to see someone. I have talked to a good friend in Canada. She says that you must expect that it will be several days before you can be seen. Yep. Several days which as we know is too long in many cases. Ear infections which if not treated can cause infections in the brain which cause death. Diseased appendix which many die from when they rupture. And the list goes on and on. We have to ask ourselves, is that what we want for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren...???

I agree that measures have to be done to make it much more affordable for people when they become ill but I do NOT think that this is the answer.

I suggest that ALL of us pray for the right answer to these problems. I don't want to hear that someone whom I love went to the doctor and instead of receiving medication, received a suicide packet instead.

In God We Trust!!!


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