Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zim Daniel Clark

We are so very happy for the Kevin and Theresa Clark family!!! God blessed them with a gift that only God can arrange. A little boy named Zim Daniel was born on August 14th! The very happy brothers and sisters who welcomed him to the clan were Ashley Marie Simons, Makenna, Jacob and Joshua. This little fella' weighed in at 6 lbs-6 ozs.

Grandparents who have anxiously awaited for this wonderful day are Dan and Twilla Nickelson and Dick and Kay Clark. All of Leoti.

Maybe it's just something that I believe but I'm going to toss it out there anyway. Kevin and Theresa went childless for YEARS. Stan and I know just how painful that is since we, too, had to wait for 17 years to have our first baby. Anyway, along the journey in their marriage, they found alot of love to shower all over Makenna, Jacob and Joshua. Kevin, Teresa, Ashley, Makenna, Jacob and Joshua have created such a wonderful happy family. Now, Zim has been sent to be the cherry on top of their cake.

It seems to us that God rewarded Kevin and Theresa with their own baby because of everything that they have done to provide a very happy home for the three children whom God brought to them later in their lives.

God bless!!!


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