Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Mrs. Birdena Pridey, 4th grade teacher at RBSES in Leoti, is once again sponsoring 6th grade students to Washington D.C. for a few days this summer. Before then, fundraisers will be taking place that will help pay the expenses. Our daughter, Leighlyn, is one of several kids who is planning on going on this trip so we would GREATLY appreciate your help in this!!! This particular fundraiser ends on Monday, October 12th. Since this is a pre-pay order, we will need your money and order by that day. Checks need to be made out to Stan Blau.

We will pick up and deliver your orders to YOU on Friday, October 23rd. All items are pre-packed frozen.

If you are interested in ordering anything, please call us at 620-375-4584 or send an email to slblaus@gmail.com. Thank you!!!

RED WHEEL PRODUCTS, mmm, mmm good!

Here is what is available:

3 pound tubs of cookie dough:

a. Chocolate chip
b. Peanut butter
c. Sugar

Each tub is $12.00.

3# tubs of cookie dough

d. Triple Chocolate
e. White chocolate macadamian nut

Each of these tubs is $14.00

Gourmet bread batter--Just pour and bake! 2 large loaves or up to 30 muffins.

a. Hawaiian--pineapple, bananas, coconut, walnuts
b. Banana nut

$14.00 each tub.

French braid pastries--22 ounces each. They are handmade. Thaw, let rise, bake and enjoy. Frosting packet included.

a. Cherry Supreme

$10.00 each

Pumpkin Rolls

A rich moist pumpkin roll swirled with luscious cream cheese filling. 22 ounces each.

$15.00 each.

Pizzas--12" classic pizzeria style.

a. Combo (Pepperoni and Sausage)
b. Deluxe (sausage, mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers)
c. Pepperoni

$11.00 each.

Pies--10"--Just pop into oven for baking.

a. Apple
b. Peach

$11.00 each.


a. Pecan--thaw and serve.
b. Cherry--Bake.

$12.00 each

French Silk Pie--Just thaw and serve.
a. Chocolate

$15.00 each.

Burritos--7 ounce each--4 or 5 per package. Mild, hand-rolled flour burritos, loaded with meat, cheddar cheese and authentic Mexican spices.

a. Beef and cheese--4 per package
b. Beef and bean--5 per package

$11.00 per package.

Egg Rolls--8 per package--Crispy, crunchy, quick and easy to make. Filled with shredded pork and veggies. Bake or microwave.

a. Egg rolls with shredded pork

$11.00 each package.

Mini Tacos--24 per package--Bite-size, soft-shell tacos filled with seasoned ground pork. Bake or microwave.

a. With ground pork

$11.00 each package.


a. Tortoise--covered with strips of chocolate, caramel and pecans--30 ounce cake--thaw and serve

$14.00 each

Baby cheesecakes--12 per tray--pop-in-your-mouth. 3 each of 4 flavors (Cappuccino, raspberry, chocolate chip and key lime)

a. $14.00 per tray.

Ultimate Four-in-One Cheesecake Pinwheel. Rich and creamy! 32 ounce cake. Just thaw and serve. Presliced. 3 slices of each flavor. (Triple chocolate, Chocolate chip, Vanilla chocolate marble, Mint chocolate chip.

a. 4-in-one pinwheel.

$15.00 each.

We really appreciate your support!


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