Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Janice Elder

My Aunt Janice had open heart surgery that resulted in two replaced arteries on August 7th. Since then she has been staying with her son, Darrin, until she was strong enough to return home. She is at home now. She is still weak but is glad to be in her very own home. She wants everyone to know that she really appreciates everyone's prayers and thoughts.

You can send her a card, etc. at the following address:

Janice Elder
General Delivery
Tribune, Ks.

Given the fact that I had heart surgery in 2002, I know how long the weakness lasts. I think that you should probably call Aunt Janice first and make sure that she is up to visits before you go to her house. I would advice that you not over-extend your visit. If she begins to tire, you should probably let her get some rest. PLEASE do not go to her home if you are having any viruses or have had a temperature in the past 24 hours. It is imperative that she not become ill at this time. Thank you!!!


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