Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bold Leadership for Kansas

I first heard of Sue Boldra who is running for Congress from our nephew, Joshua Blau, who is on her campaign team for election. She grew up on a McPherson County farm so she believes in honesty, integrity and hard work. She believes in FAMILY. Today she owns her own farm so she faces the Kansas farmers struggles first handed.

She believes that something must be done so that people, especially rural Kansans, can afford quality healthcare. Sue also wants to make sure that rural healthcare facilities and their staff receive all that they need to be the best that is available.

Sue is a member of a family who enjoys our great outdoors. She knows that farmers and hunters are the most ardent land stewards. She would make sure that the rights of the Second Amendment would be protected in our culture.

Sue has owned a small business for 20 years. In Congress, she would work towards a climate where the family business is not a thing of the past. Anyone with a passion to own their own business and to make it thrive, should be allowed to do so.

She believes in quality education. As a matter-of-fact, she has been an educator for OVER 35 YEARS! She believes that EDUCATION is the great EQUALIZER in America today. Education is the only venue to keep our economy strong and to keep our form of government secure. Something that not everyone knows is that KANSAS EDUCATION ranks in the TOP TEN NATIONALLY and in THE TOP THREE on EVERY major standardized assessment. She understands that many school districts are small by necessity not by design. She would work to make quaity education a true PRIORITY in Kansas. It is time for experienced, responsible education leadership in Kansas.

Energy is one of the toughest challenges facing America today. Energy prices are on the rise so our energy stragedy must take advantage of proven technologies and sources of energy that is available now. She also believes that the exploration of new and renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal should ALL be part of our national stragedy.

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