Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Prayer for a Cowboy

This wonderful poem was included in Lee Nathan Riddiough's memorial program. I found it to be very touching and just perfect for our loved one, Lee Nathan.

A Prayer for a Cowboy
by Tony Takacs

We are sorry for this cowboy
who has gone to somewhere higher,
we will be graced by his presence no longer,
at our campfire.
May he have gone to somewhere greener,
where the creeks never run dry,
where the mountains and fields are endless,
and the stars all fill the sky.
Where horses run in hundreds,
where no fences can be seen,
where tragedy does not exist,
and rivers all run clean.
Thank you for the memories, my friend
we'll be together soon
and I know that you'll watch over me,
from the clouds and the neon moon.

After the funeral, Lee Nathan's horse was saddled with his hat on the saddle horn and his boots were placed backwards in the stirrups. The horse just stood in the cemetary. Beautiful.


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