Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dennis Elder--09/09/09

Remember 09-09-09 as it is the day when Dennis gets to walk out of the Mayo Clinic once and for all! He had tests done yesterday that were so great that the rest of the tubes were removed from his body. Halelujah!!! Today they leave the hospital to come home!!!!!!!!!! I am assuming that after everything that they have been through, they'll need to make this trip in 2 days.

Dennis and Susan want everyone to know that their prayers are sooo appreciated. The prayers provided much-needed comfort and support when Dennis and Susan knew that God was listening to and answering each and every one of them.

Dennis is an extremely strong man. Going through all of the testing, surgery, etc. that he has had to go through is not easy. Many people would have just given up. He is a farmer through and through. It was very tough for him not being able to do his own harvest and the rest of his farming himself. Thank God for his friends and neighbors who jumped in there for him!

I honestly do not know how Susan has made it through all of this the way that she has. Prayers definitely gave her the strength. From the way that I understand it, they spent most of their time alone. I never could have done it. Maybe I am just too needy. Anyway, Susan, I for one am VERY proud of you. I am sure that I am not the only one... She was such an amazing cheerleader for Dennis. Anyone who knows Susan knows that she is a totally optimistic lady. We need a whole lot more people such as her!

I am sure that they will love to hear from you at home! Please send any cards, flowers, plants, etc. to them at the following address: Actually, as small of a town as Leoti is, a street address or post office box information is really not important as everyone knows everyone else. Please send everything to

Dennis and Susan Elder
General Delivery
Leoti, Ks. 67861

As always, I recommend Leoti's Lady Bug for all of your floral needs. Both their flowers and plants are priced very well. They are beautiful!!! Even us poor folks can afford them! Ha! Ha! Please call them at 620-375-2172.


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