Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abigayle's Latest

Ever since Abigayle began talking, she has managed to say things that have practically made us roll around on the floor in hysteria. LOL! Last night, she came up with another one. Though she meant nothing funny with what she said, people broke out laughing anyway.

We watched as an older gentleman held a door open for two older ladies to walk through. (I sure wish that there were more younger men who followed in his example...) The first woman left the building just as normally as normal can get. Behind her, came a lady who had major back problems. She walked with a walker and was bent in half. (It was painful to watch as she slowly made her way to their car.) Abigayle then told me that she sure felt sorry for that lady. She went further to declare that it seems like there are more and more older people out there who are broken in half.

I hope that what I just wrote has not offended anyone. I just thought that it was cute how our young people view such things.


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