Tuesday, April 19, 2011

American Girl

I was crying when Abigayle opened a very large manilla envelope yesterday that enclosed an American Girl doll catalog, a birthday card and a gift card for $100.00. At this time, I do not feel comfortable telling who sent this package to a little girls who could not have been any happier with what she received from this couple. In the past, I have disclosed similar information and others have taken offense to it.

For several hours last night, we all poured ourselves over the catalog so that we could help Miss Abigayle decide on what doll to order. Ultimately, she chose a doll that looks remarkably like herself. She even comes with a pair of glasses similar to what Abi wears! I went online, ordered the doll, typed in the gift card information and are now anxiously awaiting the delivery of this doll to our house!

American Girl Dolls have been around for decades now. It seems like every girl out there wants at least one of them. This doll will make Abigayle's second. She received the first one for Christmas. That doll goes everywhere that we go and sleeps with her every night.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these beautiful dolls, please go to www.americangirl.com . While you are there, you can purchase a gift card and make arrangements to have it sent to the special girl in your life. She will be sooo excited when she opens her manilla envelope and see what is in store for her! American Girl Doll Stores are also sprinkled around the nation. I think that the closest to Leoti is in Denver, Colorado. Some even have tea rooms.

These are not the typical run-of-the-mill dolls. They are the kind that your child will be proud to hand down to their own daughters...


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