Thursday, April 28, 2011

Something to Ponder

I want to ask you to think of the person you love the most in this world. Now, imagine the amount of pain that you would feel if that person suddenly perished from your life forever...

Now, I want you to sit back and decide what four people in your life whom you most love and care about are. Imagine now that all four of these most precious individuals suddenly left this world all together--never to return again.

As humans, we can not calculate just what kind of pain and anguish there would be ripping through our hearts. I think that you know where I am going with all of this, don't you? Of course you do. You know that I am referring to the Dylan and Amy Spencer Family from Scott City whom so very many of us have mourned for the past several days.

Until a couple of hours ago, I could not imagine how their family and friends could be hurting any more than they already are. But I am afraid that their sadness-filled hearts are going to be breaking even more very soon.

The second memorial for the family is scheduled for Saturday in the Scott County Community High School Gym. HUNDREDS of people are expected to file into the gymnasium to say their last good-byes and to try to support one another along the way.

Fred Phelps, a notorious American pastor who heads the Westboro Baptist Church which is based in Topeka, Ks., is well-known for protesting at funeral services for fallen soldiers, gay pride parades, at weddings for gay couples, etc., etc.,etc. It goes without saying that most Americans are totally against the ways and means that this small group of, shall I say, IDIOTS, use to try to make their points that God is angry with us across this nation of ours.

Though I have no evidence on this matter, I was told that the group is rumored to be planning to protest at this memorial service.

I would hate to see that happen!!! The family of Dylan, Amy and their daughters have suffered tremendously. This would be the last thing that they should have to deal with next. I ask that all of us pray to our Loving Father to keep these hate-filled individuals as far away from the gymnasium as possible.


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