Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mario Brothers

Abigayle received cash and a check from her Grandma, brother and sister-in-law for her birthday. Of course, she simply could not wait to spend it! LOL!!! For quite awhile, she had had her eyes on the WII edition of Mario Brothers. Mario Brothers had come out on Nintendo in the late 1980s. Our family had it and we LOVED it! So, Abigayle decided to buy it. We brought it home and got everything set up. All systems were GO. All four of us took our positions for the past couple of evenings and have just had a ball playing the game! This is one of those games that I thoroughly recommend to anyone. It is rated as a game that is great for all ages to play. One of the differences between this and the original, is that everyone gets to play at the same time--no more sitting around just watching your competitiors play...


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