Saturday, April 16, 2011

What is that???

We woke up this morning to the delightful sound of NO WIND!!! After more than a week of strong winds, I cannot tell you how great this is!!! Now work can begin to clean up the damage that the wind has created. Many people have complained of not just tree branches but entire large trees being uprooted and laid out on top of the ground! New and old buildings have been shoved over. Lawn furniture, outdoor toys, etc have been transplanted for BLOCKS from where they actually belong. One person told me that their teenage son had recently bought a brand new basketball hoop that was grounded by more than 260 pounds of sand. It fell over 2 days ago. I was sickened when we drove past a yard yesterday where a beautiful 15 feet tree that was just full of beautiful white blossoms lived. I had never seen anything like this before. It was still planted in the ground but it was pushed over to the point where some of the blossoms were just a few inches away from touching the ground.

As for our property, remember how we had put a bunch of stuff out by the alley last weekend for Spring Clean Up Week? The kids jungle gym like thing and their kitchen center moved almost a full block away from where it had been put. Today, we will walk over to the next block, pick it up and return it to the alley behind our house. Someone took the kitchen center. At least we assume that they did, we don't see it anyway. That would be great! That is why we put it out there. Speaking of that, we still have the jungle gym, a 2-wheel bike and a 3-wheeled bike out there for people to take. There is still some lumber.

It is going to be great for people to return to the great outdoors without the fear of being blown over!


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