Friday, April 22, 2011

It Really DOES Happen to Other People!!!

You have gotten to know me pretty darn well here. One of the things that you have learned is that I am far from being well coordinated. I drop at the mere sight of an ant making its way across a sidewalk. LOL! I've mentioned various things as how my moo moo (caftan) has flown over my head practically when I walked to the mailbox in the wind, etc, etc, etc...

Well right after Abigayle's Easter Party at school yesterday afternoon, Stan and I headed to Garden City. Much-needed medicine of mine failed to get here this week. I could not go any longer without it so we drove to Garden City and picked up the same medicine there. It cost us a little more there than what we pay at the long-distance pharmacy, but we had no other choice than to buy it.

We had just pulled into the parking lot of WalMart, when we noticed MANY customers walking to and from the megastore. I also noticed a couple of the store employees using some kind of gadget that was invented to push a lot of empty carts from the parking lot back into the store. You have probably seen this many times. Right? But this time, a most embarrassing thing happened to the big man in front of the cart machine. He fell BIG time! It was difficult to miss his accident. You know what I mean? Small built people fall everyday too, but somehow, they look much more elegant when they fall. People come around to see if they need help returning to their feet but no one seems to react quite like they do when us who are plumper than they are. Yes, people come to our aid also, but, at the same time, we kinda get the idea that they might also be taking a look around to see how big of a hole we made when we landed on the ground, concrete... Of course, I am not saying that people don't get major chuckles out of seeing featherweights fall, but I think that the hooting that just naturally occurs when a not-so-small person hits the pavement, is MUCH louder. Though I hate to admit it, I am definitely guilty of the same doggone thing!!!

The poor man who fell, managed to do it without his partner even seeing it happen. The partner at the other end of the machine was looking all around him to see where the fallen man had disappeared to. Unfortunately, the carts were headed straight for the man on the ground! The man who was just "lying around", hollered at the other guy. As quickly as humanly possible, the man pushing the carts got them stopped just short of running over the other employee. The next obstacle that stood ahead of the man whom everyone was trying not to stare at, was to pick himself back up ASAP. In perfect protocol when a younger male ends up in a similar accident, is that though we will look at this person but unless his legs are broken, no one rushes over to lift him to his feet. I think that most men prefer that over a group of people rushing to his side--on the ground. He managed to break speed records lifting himself up! Once where he needed to be, he began using his hands to sweep the dust off of himself and then he paid closer attention to the scrape on the arm where he had landed. Eventually, a more dignified life resumed for this unfortunate man.

Though I felt very sorry for this man and knew exactly how he must have felt when the burning of embarrassment made its way to his face's cheeks, I was also relieved to know that blunders such as this actually do happen to other people--not just to me... LOL!!!


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