Saturday, April 23, 2011

Identification Mark

When I went to high school in the late 1970s, students were required to at least try to do their math with the brain that God gave them--not a calulator. To this day, the only thing that I have sort of mastered with calculators is addition and substraction.

Things have changed now. Many, if not, all schools require top notch calculators for students from 6th grade on up. The kind that is required usually costs around $100.00. When Leighlyn went into 6th grade last year, we went right out and purchased the needed calculator for her when we purchased all of her other school supplies.

This year, she started school with the same calculator. It was still in excellent condition and looked just as new as it did when we purchased it for her. It should have lasted Leighlyn for several more years. That was not to be though. Even though the school system here provides built-in locks on every student's locker, several people have discovered other ways of getting into other people's lockers. That happened to Leighlyn. An unknown person broke into it and stole her calculator. As of now, we still don't know who took it. Of course, since her first calculator was gone, we went out and purchased a new one just like the original.

Ever since then, we have been concerned that someone might steal the newer one. So far, no one has. I was voicing my concern about this just today with a great lady. She had great advice for us! The batteries are located on the back side of the machine. She told me that they remove the battery cover, pull out the batteries and place a good-sized drop of red fingernail polish there. Once it is dry, return the batteries and the cover. If, at some time in the future, someone takes her calculator, and we think we might know who took it, we can tell the authorities of the fingerpolish trick.

Just one of those little things that I thought that you might be interested in.

Thank you, C!!!


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