Sunday, April 17, 2011

Incredible 2 days

Our dear, sweet Abigayle just turned 9-years-old today! To celebrate, she had what seemed like 60 8-year-olds to celebrate with a slumber party on Friday. Actually, there were just a few girls and they were just great! I do have to say that the noise level was raised. LOL!

Yesterday was her family party. We celebrated with her brother and sister-in-law, Adam and Mel, of Scott City, Nonny (Donna Lou Elder, Grandma (Neva Kiefer-Duncan), Aunt Su Su (Lona Sue), Uncle Rob Carson and Uncle Leif Christensen. Unfortunately, her cousin, Lars, was unable to be here because he was sick. His mother, Lori, stayed home to be with him.

Stan had purchased a large piece of pork that he created into the best barbequed pork that most of us had EVER eaten!!! I made up some green bean casserole. We had plain and barbequed chips. Nonny brought over a great relish tray. Grandma brought some mini quiches and a roll of some sort. For dessert, we had birthday cake, of course.

The entire evening was filled with great laughter! We are so fortunate to have such a great family! Thank You, Lord!!! We will be getting together next weekend to celebrate Easter.

Today, we had planned on going to Scott Lake for some outdoor fun. Unfortunately, Stan's cold is just terrible. So, we will be staying home today.

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes to Abigayle!!! She appreciates each of them--as do we!!!


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