Friday, April 22, 2011

Butter, Margarine and Heart Attacks

I strongly urge you to go to this website. I have a feeling that it will make you just as sick as it made me! All of these years, we've been told how harmful butter is for our see just how nasty margarine is for us!!! It is just like PLASTIC!!! Butter, Margarine and Heart Attacks

I first learned about this a few months ago from my sister. She was very concerned for my well-being. I have a very dangerous disease that is causing my blood veins to get narrower and narrower all of the time. PLUS, my blood cells are much larger than most people's. They require no microscope to be seen. When these GIGANTIC cells are traveling through itty bitty veins, aneurisyms form. I have already had one in my heart. My brain is now under attack. That is what causes my seizures. Eventually, this disease will take my life unless something else happens first. There is no cure for it. Given the fact that there are way less than a million people in the U.S. who have it, very little to no research is done to find a cure. The last thing that I need to do, is to eat some clogging substance...


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