Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 Mornings=2 Headaches

Normally, I am a person who has very few headaches which is fantastic. I have known so many people who are plagued with the worst of headaches, migraines, so I feel very fortunate. But yesterday and today, I awakened with the dog gone things. In my case, they should not last for very long.

When I stop and think about it, it is remarkable that headaches don't greet me every morning. Why? Because most of my headaches are brought on by my seizures. I know this to be a fact.

I had not one single seizure until August of 1981. I had gone to our local grocery store to purchase food and awakened in the hospital. Since then, I have had hundreds, if not thousands of them. Fortunately, our Dear Lord has blessed us with scientests who do wonderful research and doctors who know what medicines to give to us for practically every ailment out there.

One of the MANY prescription drugs I take every day is just for seizure control. Since 1981, I have taken several anti-seizure drugs but none worked nearly as well as the one that I have been taking for the past 8 years. A few seizures still manage to break through but not like they would be without medication. My neurologist who is an AMAZING doctor from Denver, decided to do a 48-hour EEG on me about a year after he prescribed this drug from me. The results shocked him (and me). He had never seen anything like that. Even though I am medicated against seizures, I still have about one hundred of them every night while I sleep. Can you imagine that??? Most of them never wake me up. Given the fact that I have one right after the other, you would think that I would wake up all night long and in the morning with headaches but I do not.

There is nothing that can be done about it. This drug is the best anti-seizure drug that I have ever taken and I cannot take any other anti-seizure drugs with it. Besides, the way that I look at it, is if most of my seizures occur after I am asleep and don't seem to cause me any problems during that time, why should I do anything different?

Someday a cure might be found for my disease that has brought on my seizures and heart problems. Please forgive me for not writing the disease here right now. I always butcher its spelling. Anyway, it causes aneurisyms. One was already produced in my heart. I continue to have CT Scans to look for more that are capable of being produced anywhere in my body from my knees to the top of my head. So far, this disease has only affected my heart and brain.

Very little research is done on this disease because so very few of us in the world actually have it. A cure in my lifetime will probably never happen but I am going to do my part in helping others who have it. When I die, my body will be donated to science for the research of this disease. Like Daddy said when he made the choice to donate his body, if he could save just one person from going through what he did, donating his body would be well worth it. I always recommend that others donate their bodies to science especially those who have rare disorders.

Aren't you just thrilled that I decided to share all of this with you this morning???


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