Thursday, June 23, 2011

Introducing (drum rollsssss) Dumbest!!!

In the mid 1990's, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels starred in the horrendously funny, DUMB AND DUMBER. Not many people who attended the hit movie were able to avoid at least one or two little chuckles. Many of us laughed until tears ran down our faces and our stomachs hurt. I was definitely one of those people!

Today, Dumbest, made the scene just east of Leoti. We were heading over to Scott City to spend the evening with our son and daughter-in-law. I was driving the van when I noticed a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g line of traffic coming towards us. Leading the MANY vehicles was a man driving a mini bike. No, I do not mean a motorcycle. I mean a very slow and very little mini bike. The motorized bike's rider was hugging the edge of the road. (If it had been me, I would have been completely off of the road.) LOL! Stan predicted that people riding regular bikes and possibly even walkers would have been able to pass the vehicle very easily. You could tell that he was barely moving down the road.

Now...this is when the story goes totally WILD! The rider "appeared" to be an adult male though I cannot say for sure. The person had trashbags full of stuff tied onto the bike. The temperature at that time was somewhere in the lower 90s--a bit warm by most people's standards. Still, that did not stop the rider from wearing a full stocking mask over his face. It was topped off by a motorcycle helmet. (I always appreciate it when I see motorcyclists and bike riders wearing helmets.) This man was being safe. The rest of his body was covered by a long black trenchcoat. It was sorta flapping in the breeze. Oh, my goodness!!! I have absolutely NO idea how that person was able to travel with all of that insulation all over him. Many people who were dressed like that would never have been able to handle the heat as well as he did. Personally, I would have fainted.

I am ASSUMING that this gentleman heard that Jim and Jeff were headed to Aspen to return a suitcase of money to its rightful owner. He must've wanted to join 'em there...


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