Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leoti's Storm

We were hit last night by a dramatic storm. The good news is that here at the Blaus' house, we received just a hair under a full inch of rain. So far, I haven't heard anything from others in town or in the country to hear how much others received. Meteorologists guage the size of hail from pea-sized (very small) to baseball sized which is quite large. Though I was unable to see the hail because I had taken my medicines earlier and they were knocking me out, I estimated that the hail that hit our house must have been the size of basketballs! No, not really, but it was quite large by the sound of it hitting our house and roof. Evidentally, it did more damage to our roof. Because we seem to have sprung another leak...

I went outsde this morning to take a look around and survey the damage. The good news was that it does not appear that it did any damage to our new paint and no windows were broken. I could tell just by looking at the roof that it was hit big time. The hail managed to just mow down some of our flower plants. Our rose bush which is planted up against our house, was damaged quite a bit. A couple of large branches were practically severed from the rest of the plant. I am hoping that if I pull it up with twine, we might be able to save it. Its roses were shredded.

Though I know no one who enjoys hail, there is one good thing about each and every hail ball, it melts and turns into the much needed water that we need around here.


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