Friday, June 24, 2011

Enchilada Sale in Progress

Folks, if you like enchiladas, you're gonna absolutely L-O-V-E these!!! You can choose from beef and cheese or just cheese. Onions are also added in at NO extra cost if you want them. Amanda Rodriquez-Altman will be selling these next Friday, July 1st. Your orders need to be in to her by the afternoon of June 30th (Thursday). By the way, Amanda's family recently purchased a house in Leoti. It'll be much easier to meet up with her now.


Dozen Meat and Cheese: $15.00

Dozen Cheese: $17.00

You can call Amanda at 620.355.1741 OR call her mother, Lupe, at 620.375.2028.

These are the best, People!!!


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