Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As you know, we have been painting the exterior of our house. We actually started it last Summer and are FINALLY about finished with it except for just a small amount of trimwork. We had some paint (and alot of dirt) on the windows. Given the fact that they are considerably high and I have a blood issue that demands that I keep my feet flat against the ground, I have not been able to clean them. That is when our great friends, Cecelia and Karla, came to the rescue. They didn't mind climbing up on ladders and scraping the glass. After that, they used a fantastic foam glass cleaner that I use on glass, mirrors, countertops... It is called Stoner Premium Invisible Glass Cleaner. I purchase it in the Automobile department at Dollar General. It does the best job of cleaning without leaving streaks that we have EVER used! It costs less than $4.00 a can.

Anyway, the ladies did the exterior windows. I'll be doing the interior windows today.

Again, I just want to thank you, C and K, for the fine work that you did for us!!! Love you lots and LOTS!!!


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  1. Lynn
    We use a product like this on our vehicle windows and absolutely think it is the best thing ever.


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